4 Jul 2014

Year 2 Week 27 2014

Learning About Dinosaurs Can Be ... Exhausting
Well that was a short week!

This week, the children took a trip to Dino Park. They enjoyed meeting a wide variety of dinosaurs and also learning a few new facts from our tour guide. We're sure that many would like to visit all over again! They we all perfectly behaved and did the school proud.

In Literacy this week, Mrs Khan's class has been doing some Talk For writing on instructions. they have been brainstorming lots of weird and wonderful ways to trap a dinosaur. Miss Barker's class has been creating a recount of their exciting trip to Dino Park.

Writing About Their Trip
This week in Numeracy, Mrs Khan's group has been learning about different coins and how to find the correct change. Very challenging stuff! Miss Barker's group has been looking at a variety of maths games and Mrs Baker's group has been revising addition.

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school next week, along with suitable footwear, as Sports Day is on Thursday 10th July. The Family Lunch will be on the same day and will start at 12.00pm.

Have a great weekend! Mrs Khan and Miss Barker