4 Jul 2014

Year 4 Week 27 2014

Year 4's Ensemble 
Well done to Year 4 for more fantastic work this week.

In Literacy, Miss Mead’s class finished their unit on persuasive writing by writing a persuasive leaflet for a destination of their choice. 

They then used Microsoft Publisher to turn these into very professional looking brochures. 

Mrs Westmoreland’s class have been finishing their persuasive letters to Mrs Carroll and Mr Westmoreland.

In Maths Miss Mead’s class have been reading timetables.  We talked about how this can help them in the future when catching trains and buses to make sure they are in the right place at the right time!  In Mrs Westmoreland’s group we have been multiplying and dividing by 10 and a 100.

We are sending home swimming letters today ready for next year.  We would like to start swimming straight away (on the 4th September) so would appreciate replies as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support, Miss Mead and Mrs Westmoreland