4 Jul 2014

Year 5 Week 27 2014

Getting Fit For Sports' Day
First of all this week, we’d like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for all the contributions towards our trip to the high ropes that will take place on Monday 7th July. 

We’re really fortunate that the school has funded a substantial contribution towards the trip and appreciate your donations greatly.  The children and staff involved are all looking forward to Monday!

In PE this week, we have been preparing for Sports Day.  The children have been honing and refining the skills necessary for each event and has been working hard to be good team members, offering words of encouragement to their teams mates. 

(Please can this also be reinforced at home).

The children have brought home a letter about Sports Day today, containing details about timings etc.  They have also been split into teams for the day and have their team name as ‘kit colour’ on a label inside their journal.

In maths this week, the children in Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have been comparing and ordering angles of different sizes and have begun to measure angles to the nearest degree.  Mr Westmoreland’s group have been working on fractions and have also been estimating weight in a real life context.

In Literacy & Drama, the children thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing & performing short scenes from the Robin Hood story.  We took full advantage of our amazing ‘Forest Schools’ area for this session.  The children have also been creating comic strips retelling the story of Robin Hood.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Pond-Barrett