11 Jul 2014

Year 5 Week 28 2014

Crossing Chasms
Wow! – What an amazing time we all had at the Kletterpark in Rietberg on Monday!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were all very thankful for such an exciting and exhilarating trip like this being organised for them.  It was a physically challenging course which called on many different skills and techniques being used. 

Treading Tyres
The determination and perseverance shown by all the children was incredible.  Not one child ‘gave up’ if they found it difficult, they continued on the lower rope courses, which they were more comfortable with.  Some children went on and on and on, completing all the courses, even the nail-biting top course, which involved ‘cycling’ or ‘snowboarding’ across a wire! – Yikes! 

It was an absolute pleasure taking the children on a trip like this.  The words of encouragement for their friends and patience while they waited to begin each part of the course was a delight to see.

Year 5, Graduating
Once again I’d like to express my thanks to you, the parents, for contributing towards the cost and to the school for donating a substantial amount of money towards the trip also.

This week also saw a large number of our children graduating from the children’s University with either bronze or silver awards.  It was a lovely presentation and something the children will, hopefully, always remember.

As the end of the school fast approaches, we have spent some time this week, thinking about ‘Our time in Year 5’.  The children have all described some very fond memories of their time in Year 5, from their first day, to their funniest moments to their achievements of this year and goals for next year.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Pond-Barrett