11 Jul 2014

Year FS2 Week 28 2014

FS2, weighing options
We have had a week dictated to us by the weather.

We have had a lovely week with our continued Reading Writing and Maths sessions. We have been measuring again this time with more focus on finding out how heavy classroom objects weigh and how much containers can hold. Lots of experiential learning.

We have explored a Nepali tale (following on from Aesop’s Fable about the Lion and the Mouse). This allowed us to discuss and try to understand the importance of being honest always.

Next week please remember to send your child to school in a Pirate’s outfit on Tuesday, and with a bag containing all they need for our trip on Wednesday.

Thank you for coming to our last Stay and Play, we hope you enjoyed it.

14th July – Children meet Yr. One teachers
15th July – Join FS1 dress up (Pirate Party)
16th July – Trip to Rietberg Park
18th July – Last Day of Term 13.15 Finish

Thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend!