2 Sep 2014

'Promenade' Concert

Today, the staff of our Music Centre, with guest singer Lena Niedzwiedska, treated our children to some 'promenading' music in the School Hall.

1.  Walk in music - O Peaceful England
2.  Preparation activities - practise the singing - practise the flag waving, the car horns and hooters, the bobbing up and down etc.
3.  Fantasia on British Sea Songs (including two verses of Rule Britannia)
4.  Land of Hope and Glory
5.  Jerusalem
6.  God Save the Queen - two verses
7.  Walk out music - reprise the Hornpipe

If your child has been inspired to learn to play an instrument, by today's spectacular event, please apply on the Guttersloh Music Centre website.

Promenading At Bielefeld
You can find out more about the Last Night of this year's Proms here.