19 Sep 2014

Year 4 Week 38 2014

Jolly Hockey! 
Another busy week in Year 4, we can’t believe it’s only week 3 of the term!

This week we have begun working in our maths groups.  The children in both groups have worked hard and continued to develop and extend their understanding of place value in 4-digit numbers.  The children have been completing place value subtractions and have also compared, ordered and placed 4-digit numbers onto marked or unmarked number lines.

In Literacy, we have continued to explore Roman myths.  We have focussed on the story of Aeneas’ long and eventful journey from the destroyed city of Troy in his quest to find Italy. We have talked about the different ordeals and perils that Aeneas faced throughout the story.  We then took part in some drama activities using our vivid imaginations to role play different ordeals that a hero or heroine may face in a story.  The children have also had great fun creating and describing their own mythical creatures or beasts or monsters!

With Mr Fidler in our Art sessions, the children have begun to use levers and pivots to create a simple moving mechanism.  The children then used this type of lever when designing and making their own Roman Legionary, complete with moving arm!

During our Year group assembly this week, we have begun to talk about our RE topic for this term; ‘What makes a person inspiring to believers?’ This week’s session focussed on thinking of heroes or heroines from films, television and books and what they have in common and why people like them.  We then moved onto the idea of being inspired by someone and together we thought about ‘real life’ heroes.

Maths – The children have an activity to complete involving place value.  Please see your children’s homework folder.
RE – The children need to draw a picture of someone that inspires them, someone in ‘real life’.  They need to annotate their picture giving reasons why this person is inspiring to them. Please see the note in your child’s journal.  Paper will be sent home with your child’s homework folder.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a great weekend! Mrs Pond-Barrett and Mrs Scannell