26 Sep 2014

Year 4 Week 39 2014

Physical Challenges Galore 
This week, we have been really busy in the Forest School producing artwork and researching the area in preparation for the new ‘bug resort’.  

In Literacy we have worked on a story map for Aeneus’ quest to reach Italy and the children have been practicing retelling the story.   

In Maths this week, the children in Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have been developing the use of a range of strategies to add and subtract 2 digit numbers.  Mrs Scannell’s group have been working hard to add and subtract multiples of ten from 2 digit numbers mentally.

In Topic we have looked at the three different ruling systems during the time of the Romans, with the children debating the advantages and disadvantages of these.  We went on to look at how the Roman Empire expanded and declined over time and used our geography skills to locate these areas on a map of Europe.

The children played percussion instruments this week and identified the seven different musical notes on a xylophone. 

As part of the Forest School homework, please could your child bring in a small plant for the bug resort they are making (these are available in most German supermarkets for approximately €1.00).

The children have Maths and Literacy homework this week in their red folders; please return this no later than Wednesday 1st October. 

Please remember to listen to your child at least 5 times a week and record this in their journals.  You can listen to your child read any book, not necessarily their home reader.

Thank you ! Have a great weekend!

Mrs Pond-Barrett and Mrs Scannell; Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Porter