26 Sep 2014

Year 5/6 Week 39 2014

Musical Teamwork 
Another busy week in Y5/6 with the children working hard to develop their diary and informal letter writing skills. We’re looking forward to launching into their assessed piece over the next week or two. 

During topic sessions the classes have started learning what life would have been like in the trenches of WW1. English homework for Y5/6K and Y5/6G this week is linked to their topic. Mrs Hood’s class have English homework linked to their work on Anne Frank’s diary.

Mrs Hood’s maths group have been working on place value and the use of number lines this week; Miss Graham’s group have sharpened their understanding of decimals and how to convert these to fractions, whilst Miss Kinsey’s group have been busy devising strategies to secure their multiplication facts and solving division problems expressing the quotient as a fraction and decimal value.

The children’s maths homework can be found in their folders.

Many thanks for the further deposits and payments that have been received for our residential trip to Arnhem in November (wb 17.11.14). All remaining payments need to be received by 17.11.14.

Message for Y6 only from Mrs Carroll: please bring clothing suitable for going up to the forest schools area on Wednesday as your Science lesson will be taking place there. Thank you.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing lots of you on Monday at the Y5/6 Parents’ drop-in session, where you will be able to get a taste of some learning activities alongside your child.

Many thanks for your on-going support,

Miss Graham & Mrs Creighton; Mrs Hood & Mrs Goddard; Miss Kinsey & Mr Titley