5 Sep 2014

Year FS2 Week 36 2014

Concocting a birthday cake
We have had an amazing first week in FS2.

Your children have been an absolute credit to you. They have coped with so many changes in such a short week and have shown unbelievable resilience.

As well as new teachers, new setting they have coped with lunchtime, getting on and off buses, organising their own belongings AND a Fire Practice!!!!

Please praise your children for being so grown up and sensible at school.

Mrs Baxter as you know is standing in for Mrs Corbett and the children are settling so well in her expert hands. However we do hope Mrs Corbett will return in the next few weeks.
  • May we ask you for four things please,
  • PE kit for a Monday (if not already here)
  • Wellington boots to keep in school (if not already here)
  • A FAMILY PHOTO (that we can display all year)
  • Empty boxes, cartons, bottles for junk modelling

Any queries you may have do not hesitate to get in touch through your child’s journal.

Have a lovely Weekend, Mrs. Baxter and Mrs. Kerray