17 Oct 2014

Year 1 Week 42 2014

Mathematical Venn Challenges 
This week we have used our senses during an Autumn Walk around the school grounds. 

In Literacy we thought of words to describe what we could see, hear, smell and feel. We tried to write all the letter sounds that we could hear in each descriptive word. We have also enjoyed listening to poems about Autumn.

In Mathematics we have been describing a variety of 2D shapes using words such as “corner”, “side”, “straight” and “curved”. The children sorted 2D shapes according to their properties, using Venn Diagrams. 

We have been thinking about how we change as we grow. We have talked about what we could do as a baby, what we can do now and what we might do as an adult. The children had great fun exploring leaves, conkers, sticks etc. that they found outside. Then each Year 1 Class used these items to make a representation of a skeleton. 

Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Hawker and Miss Caunter