17 Oct 2014

Year 2 Week 42 2014

Drafting the content of slides ...
before making a PowerPoint presentation 
This week we have used the story of Lima and the Red Hot Chilli to explore punctuation and speech verbs. The children have written extended sentences using adjectives to describe and connectives to link ideas.  The Year Two children are really enjoying sharing their work with the children in Year Five and Six. 

In numeracy we have been learning to partition two and three digit numbers and to double two digit numbers to twenty. 

This week’s spellings are now, she, you, are, her, all, they. 

For homework this week we have asked the children to use the appropriate sign to say if a number is “greater” than or “less” than a given number.  The children have also got a copy of the text map of the story about Lima and the Red Hot Chilli which would like them to use to retell the story at home.  Make sure that they show you the actions too! 

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend. Miss Mead, Mrs Halstead and The Year Two Team.