10 Oct 2014

Year 4 Week 41 2014Sh

Sharing a library book
We were visited by parents last week and this week we have been visited by a time traveller!  During topic work this week we learnt about Celtic homes (round houses) and the different jobs people did in a Celtic village.  To support this learning, the children pretended to be Britons living in an Iron Age village, living in their own round house (the yurt).  The time traveller visited us in our round house and asked the children many questions.

Aeneas has completed his quest to Italy! – The children have worked really hard this week, planning and writing their Roman quest stories.  The ideas for ordeals, challenges and dramatic escapes that Aeneas may have faced against a ‘new’ mythical creature (designed by the children) have been brilliant, some great imagination has been used.  Well done to all of our children!

Levers In Art 
In maths this week, the children in Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have been developing their mental multiplication and division skills.  They have been learning the 6 and 9 times tables, along with the corresponding division facts and have been multiplying multiples of 10 by a single-digit number.  The children have worked hard to begin to multiply 2-digit numbers by single-digit numbers, both mentally and using the grid method.  Mrs Scannell’s group have also been developing their mental multiplication and division skills, looking at the 5, 10 and 4 times tables.

Homework – Please see homework folders.
Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group – The children have some multiplication calculations to complete using the grid method. 
Mrs Scannell’s group – The children have some multiplication and division questions to complete using number lines.

The children have been learning about the suffix ‘-ly’ and the ‘rules’ involved when adding this ending to words.  The children have an activity sheet to complete to reinforce this learning.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the harvest festival next week.  Thank you for your donations so far.

Thank you ! Have a great weekend! Mrs Pond-Barrett and Mrs Scannell