17 Oct 2014

Year 5/6 Week 42 2014

Solving equations 
Mrs Creighton’s final teaching practice is now underway and she has been working with Y5/6 G across the curriculum as well as Miss Graham’s Maths Group.

In Maths this week, Miss Kinsey’s group have been solving equations. At the beginning of the week substituting numbers with letters seemed a little daunting, yet now children are merrily solving balancing equations and problems with multiple letters. We have even had some aspiring teachers leading the group to consolidate their learning and demonstrate to the group. Mrs Hood’s group have been identifying their strengths in Maths this week and have been surprised themselves at how much they know. Y5/6G have been learning about transforming shapes using rotation, translation and reflection and plotting their co-ordinates on a grid.

The children have been learning about Journeys in RE and this week have used the poem’ Footprints in the Sand’ as a stimulus to explore their own life journeys.

Thank you to all of those families that have returned their Arnhem forms. Please can we ask that any outstanding forms are returned to school by Monday. The final balance of the trip is due by Monday 17th November.

Please check that your EHIC card is still valid. You can apply online for a new card at:

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,
The Y5/6 Team