10 Oct 2014

Year FS2 Week 41 2914

Flattening Dough 
We have had a “working” week with children calling out every now and then “How goes the work?”, just like the lazy, greedy farmer in our story for the week Farmer Duck.  We have made lovely ducks with our handprints, counted ducks of various types, learned about speech bubbles and translated “Quack” into our own words. Lots of good “talking” going on; the first foundations of writing. 

Farmer Duck has also allowed us to talk about being kind, greedy, lazy in our PSED; use tools for a purpose in our PD; learn about writing in our LIT; use our imagination in translating “Quack” EA+D. All areas of learning covered in one story.

Thank you for your support with reading with your child and the homework tasks.

Please may we ask you to return the culture wheel you received at the FS2 Meeting by Fri 17th Oct.

13th Oct  – Parents Meetings  Mrs Baxter
15th Oct  – Parents Meetings  Mrs Kerray

Have a lovely Weekend  Mrs. Baxter and Mrs. Kerray