13 Nov 2014

Arnhem Final Reminders

Children are to arrive at school at normal time on Monday. They need to bring with them their EHIC card, passport and any medicines that they need; all of which will be collected in by staff. Children’s pocket money needs to be in separate envelopes for each day that are clearly named.

In their daysack, which will accompany them on the bus, they will need a drink, a snack and a waterproof coat. Children will need to bring a separate packed lunch that will travel in the bus locker and we will eat it on arrival.

Please ensure that the children are wearing comfortable shoes and have a warm coat with them on the day of travel, as we will go straight from the coach to the first visit without opening their luggage.

Please can we remind you that children need to bring a refillable drinks bottle with them for the trip. Each day children will make their own packed lunch from the breakfast buffet.

We encourage children to bring with them comics, books and magazines to read in their rooms before bed as well as cards and small board games. Children can bring small electronic devices, however we request that there are no mobile phones on the trip.

As we are staying in a hostel children need to take their own towels and slippers/indoor shoes are a good idea so that they are comfortable in the mornings and evenings

Children are happiest when they are warm and dry- please ensure that your children have plenty of layers to wear as well as hats, scarves and gloves.

If you do have any questions about the trip, please feel free to contact the school.

We will post pictures from the week on the school website, so watch this space…