7 Nov 2014

Year 4 Week 45 2014

Year 4 Contributing to our St. Martin's Day Assembly 
Welcome back! – We hope that you had an enjoyable break and that batteries are now recharged!

We’d like to say a BIG ‘Thank you’ for all of your support in helping your child to make their Roman shields.  They are amazing!  It is clear that a lot of time and effort was put into creating them, well done everyone!

The children have used their Roman shields this week in our topic session.  We were finding out and thinking about some of the reasons behind why the Romans were so successful in invading Britain and what life was like as a Roman soldier.  The children got into battle formation, ‘testudo’ (tortoise) to re-enact Roman soldiers going into battle.

Did you see the news?! - An ogre has been spotted lurking in the woodlands around Bielefeld!  People have been warned not go out alone, for fear of coming face to face with this terrifying beast!  But do not fear, in Literacy, the children have been reading instructions about ‘How to Trap an Ogre’!  They have identified the features of instruction writing and have been learning to retell a set of instructions for ‘How to Trap an Ogre’ using ‘Talk 4 Writing’ actions.  The children have also written their introduction for these instructions using rhetorical questions.

The children have worked incredibly hard this week in Maths and have really persevered and tried hard.  Well done!  The children in Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have been learning to use written column methods to add and subtract 3-digit numbers.  They have used both the expanded and compact method for addition and have been using the expanded method for subtraction.  They have worked hard to know what to do when the number to be subtracted is more than the number it is to be subtracted from.

Mrs Scanell’s group have been doubling numbers to 50 using partitioning and halving even numbers up to 100 using partitioning also.  They have begun to develop their understanding of fractions being part of a whole and have been finding fractions of amounts, including halves, quarters, thirds and sixths.

Homework – Please see homework folders. We have made some alterations to the homework and the days it is sent home:

Every Monday, the children will bring home some spelling words to practice in a yellow spelling folder.  This will be linked to the spelling focus that we are working on in school for the week.  The children will need to return the folders to school on a Friday, and will be quizzed on the words that they have been learning.  The children will continue to bring home a piece of Maths homework on a Friday in their red homework folder.  This will be a consolidation/reinforcement/ extension activity relating to the learning objectives they have been working on during the week.

At times, there may be another piece of homework sent home relating to other subjects areas.

Maths: Children in both groups can continue to develop their ability to recall times table facts. Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have some subtraction calculations to solve using the expanded written method. Mrs Scannell’s group have a fractions activity to complete.

Literacy: Spellings - A new set of spelling words to practice will be sent home on Monday. Reading – Please remember to sign your child’s journal when they have read at home. They might have read their school reading book, a book from home or the library or even a comic. It all counts!

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend. Mrs Pond-Barrett and Mrs Scannell