28 Nov 2014

Years 5/6 Week 48 2014

Browsing books in the Library on a FoBS' Mufti Day 
I think that all of the children and staff will be glad of a rest this weekend after a fantastic week at Arnhem and a busy first week back at school. 

All of the children who took part in the trip were a real credit to the school. Everywhere we went, people commented on the impeccable behaviour and excitement for learning that our children demonstrated. While out and about and in our time at the hostel, children were great friends to one another; helping each other with their organisation and being generally kind and caring.

The children who remained in school were superb role models for year four students and a great help to the staff and pupils in the Foundation Setting – well done!

Thank you to all of the parents who have attended Parents’ Consultation Evenings this week. It is a pleasure to share with you all of the positive learning and progress that is happening across all of the Y5/6 classes.

Stir Up Friday?
In Music, the children are busily learning songs for the school Christmas production. Please can we ask for your support with encouraging children to practise songs and any lines that they might have at home.

The week began with a ‘cold’ piece of writing in English where children demonstrated what they already knew about writing a persuasive leaflet.  Over the next couple of weeks, children will be developing a toolkit of persuasive devices enabling them to write a persuasive leaflet about the Bielefeld Tierpark.

In Maths this week, Miss Kinsey’s class have been learning about time. They have been changing times from analogue to digital and then representing them in 12 and 24 hour clock. They have also been using number lines to calculate time intervals to help them to solve time problems. 

Mrs Hood’s group have been exploring fractions this week, using a variety of methods, including baking cakes, to explore equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. Miss Graham’s class have also been looking at fractions this week. They have been looking at  equivalent fractions, converting mixed numbers and improper fractions, and had a go at adding fractions – what a busy week! 

Have a look at: http://www.mathsisfun.com/measure/index.html

English homework this week has a grammar focus and spellings homework will start next week.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Miss Graham & Mrs Creighton 
Mrs Hood & Mrs Goddard
Miss Kinsey & Mr Titley