2 Dec 2014

Sankt Nikolaus

During the course of their German lessons your children have been learning about the German custom of Sankt Nikolaus. According to German tradition children are visited by Sankt Nikolaus during the night of 5th December whilst they are sleeping and well behaved children are rewarded with small gifts of sweets and chocolate. 

These are left in the children’s shoes which they will have cleaned meticulously the night before and left by the door. It is said that naughty or badly behaved children are left sticks and long twigs. It has however been known on occasions for Nikolaus to leave a mixture of sweets and sticks!

The children have been told that this tradition is a German one and that Sankt Nikolaus does not always visit the homes of British children living in Germany, but it has been known to happen! If he does not make an appearance at least the children will have nice clean shoes to wear to school on Saint Nicholas’ day 6th December but if he does visit I am sure it will be a memory of living in Germany that your children will cherish forever.

Frau Lowe