5 Dec 2014

Year 2 Week 49 2014

Year 2, warming themselves around a fire pit 
The children enjoyed visiting the Christmas fayre this morning.  They took part in lots of games and activities and spent their money on toys and tasty things to eat!

In English, the children have continued their work on ‘Lost and Found’.  They have changed the animal the boy finds on his doorstep ready to write their own version.

In Maths, Miss Mead’s group have been measuring using cm.  The children were very careful using the rulers and are able to measure very accurately.  In Mrs Halstead’s group, the children have been adding two two-digit numbers using a 100 square.

For homework this week the children are bring home ‘number bond’ cards.  They are encouraged to play games with these cards such as one person holding the card and the other saying what you need to add to that number to make 10.  We are continuing our work on the Christmas performance, so could children please continue to work on learning their lines and the songs.

It is our trip to the Christmas market on Tuesday.  If you have not handed in your permission slip yet, please do so by Monday.  It is going to be very cold, so please ensure your child is wrapped up warm.  They will also need a packed lunch on that day.

Thank you for your continued support
Miss Mead, Mrs Halstead and the Year Two team