12 Dec 2014

Year 3 Week 50 2014

Year 3 rehearsing with Year 4 this week for their
Christmas Production on Tue 16 Dec at 13.45hrs
Rehearsals have been going well for our Christmas production to be performed on Tuesday, 16th December.

In Literacy  we have worked on a variety of tasks including spelling, guided reading and writing our commentaries.

In mathematics this week Mr.Kerray's set were revising addition and subtraction of 20/30 and working on oral and mental recall of basic number facts.

Mr.Askew's set finished looking at strategies for calculating fractions of amounts and used co - ordinates to locate the position of objects on a grid.

In I.C.T  Mr. Askew's class had time to build up their points totals on Mathletics - all log ins can be found inside the cover of  the learning journal.
Year 3's Christmas Market Visit 

In R.E. Mr. Kerray's class looked closely at and discussed an artist's impression of the Annunciation.

In music Mr Reeves worked with the children on songs that they will be singing in their Christmas production. 

We continued with the unit on textiles involving embroidery skills and should have this finished by next week.

There is mathematics and English homework this week. Could this please be handed in on Wednesday so the following weeks homework can be added.

  • Remember to continue reading daily with your child, 10 minutes daily practice will really help them to improve.You could also discuss together the book you have read, again this is an important reading skill that the children need to develop. Please keep signing your child's journal to indicate that you have read with your child. Many thanks.
  • Please bring PE kits into school on Monday, we will send them home on Friday.  
Many thanks for your support  Mr Askew and Mr Kerray