23 Jan 2015

Year 1 Week 04 2015

Completing Tough Sums 
The children have observed old and new toys this week. They have talked about similarities and differences between the toys. “Thank you” to all parents/carers who kindly lent us their old toys.

In Literacy this week the children independently completed a non-fiction “Hot Write”. Every child produced a non-fiction page about a favourite toy. Well done to everybody for achieving so many criteria on the “Success Ladder”. 

Each child then worked with a teacher to identify how they could improve their writing in the future.

In Mathematics the children have been solving problems by applying their knowledge of the number bonds to 10. We have practised completing number sentences by finding the missing number. E.g. 7 + = 10. The children have also used the same three numbers to write 4 different number sentences. 

Eg 3 + 7 = 10;    7 + 3 = 10;    10 – 7 = 3;    10 – 3 = 7


  • Please send appropriate clothing, including waterproofs and wellies, for Forest Schools every Tuesday.
  • Please send PE kit to school every Monday.

Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Hawker and Miss Caunter