30 Jan 2015

Year 2 Week 06 2015

Mastering algorithms 
In literacy this week the children have written their own version of a familiar story, focussing on what a character looks like, how they speak and how they behave.  We have thoroughly enjoyed reading their brilliant work!

In maths Mrs Halstead's group have been learning to add and subtract eleven from a two digit number using a hundred square. Miss Mead's group have been using the working out how much change is needed from a given amount.

During Forest Schools the children had great fun working together to cross a shark infested swamp without putting their feet on the floor. Please could we remind everyone that we go to Forest Schools even if it is wet, so the children would benefit from having waterproof boots, or wellingtons.  Thank you.

Thank you for your continued support, Miss Mead, Mrs Halstead and The Year Two Team.