30 Jan 2015

Year FS2 Week 06 2015

Design & Build - homes for 3 pigs 
We have had a lovely week in FS2. We have been busy planning and making a house for the Three Little Pigs. 

The children had to choose their own resources and have learnt lots of skills such as how to join different materials so that they stay together! 

They have shown lots of enthusiasm in making other models so if you have any empty boxes or cartons at home please send them in to school. 

The weather seems to be getting colder again so please make sure your child comes to school with suitable warm weather clothing. 

Rhythmic gymnasts 
We are very short of spare clothes in the setting and we would be grateful for any long trousers, pants or socks that you have at home (the trousers do not need to be school ones!)

We have introduced something new into the setting this week called Plan, Do, Review. 

The children really enjoyed it and we hope that they have told you all about it. If not, please ask them to explain it as it is a really good way of the children being in charge of their own learning through play. 

Many thanks for all of your help and support. Best wishes from the FS2 team.