23 Jan 2015

Years 5/6 Week 04 2015

Getting to grips with the digestive system 
Last week ended on a high, celebrating the achievement of all of the Y5 swimmers as they gained certificates in our Awards Assembly- well done! This week has seen the Y6s swimming in their pyjamas as part of their swimming competencies.

In the classroom, our ‘Talk For Writing’ continues with children innovating the text that they have been busily learning both at home and in school. Children have been using a Writer’s Toolkit to focus their compositions on the key features of suspense writing.

Miss Kinsey’s Maths group have been devising mental strategies for adding decimals. Miss Graham’s group have been having a real mental maths work out and have been investigating probability in real life situations. Mrs Hood’s Maths group have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and 100. Mrs Hood’s class have also been regularly assessing their times tables knowledge, well done to Matthew Thompson who is flying ahead!

Drawing sarcophagi in Art 
Children have been developing their understanding of life in Ancient Egyptian times looking at the importance of the River Nile for food and farming amongst other things. The Y5s also met a Pharaoh in their drama session this week where they learnt a great deal about the construction of pyramids.

Please can we remind children that they need to be reading daily at home and recording this in their journals and also, if they have spare time that they can log on to the Active Learn platform and access maths games to help them with their learning.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Graham & Mrs Creighton; Miss Kinsey & Mrs Grant; Mrs Hood & Mrs Goddard