6 Feb 2015

Year 1 Week 06 2015

Designing algorithms  
Goldilocks came back to school briefly this week! She arrived in an extremely grumpy mood. Please ask your child what happened when Goldilocks was in the classroom.

In Literacy this week, each class has changed the character of Goldilocks to a new character. The children have used interesting words and phrases to describe how the new character might look, feel and behave. Each child has thought carefully about how to record their ideas on paper.

In Mathematics, the children have been learning to recognize, name and describe a cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder and cone. We have had great fun describing the properties of a hidden shape, to see if anybody can correctly name that hidden shape. 
Sampling porridge, yum! 

The children have been practicing talking about the number of faces a shape has, how many faces are flat and/or curved, as well as describing the shape of the flat faces e.g. has two circle faces, has four square faces, has one curved face.

Thank you very much for all the junk modelling material that we have been able to use during mathematics this week. We would appreciate more boxes, etc. next week, please.

Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Hawker and Miss Caunter

Making map symbols in the snow