27 Feb 2015

Year 1 Week 9 2015

This week, your child may have told you about the princess who asked for some help. We all walked to the pond, where we found a precious, golden ball. Unfortunately, the princess ran away without keeping her promise. We were so disappointed to miss out on a visit to the palace! This was our “hook” to introduce the children to the fairy tale of “The Frog Prince”. We have started to tell the story with a story map and actions.

In Mathematics the children have been estimating how many objects they think are in a container. Each child has counted the objects in 5’s or 10’s to find out the correct number. The children have also been practising counting forwards or backwards in 10’s from any number eg 53, 43, 33 and 7, 17, 27.

Water Bottles
Unfortunately, some reading books have been ruined by being brought to school in the same bag as a water bottle. Please remind your child to carry their water bottle separately, or keep it in a bag away from the reading book and journal.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year One Team