27 Feb 2015

Year 3 Week 9 2015

Maths investigation
In Literacy we have started our new Talk For Writing unit which is based on the narrative genre of a 'losing tale'.

In Maths Mr.Askew's children have looked at finding fractions of amounts and using the double, double again and double again strategy for the 8 times table. Mr. Kerray's group have been recognising 3D shapes and describing their properties.

In computing the children finished their latest Scratch project and were proud to show off all the great skills they have acquired in this coding program.

In RE the children have been using pastels to create images of light in a creative format.

Mr. Reeves continues his work on the ukulele, where new chords are being added every week.
Please make sure the children bring their ukulele to school every Tuesday.

In art Mr.Fidler has launched a printing unit based on the work of the Victorian designer William Morris.

History this week continues to look at the Victorian period in more depth: we have entered the 'dark and murky' world of child labour. Those poor Victorian children!

Just a little reminder about your creative homework project on a famous Victorian - many children have chosen their character and are researching them.

Remember to continue reading daily with your child, 10 minutes daily practice will really help them to improve. You could also discuss together the book you have read, again this is an important reading skill that the children need to develop.

Please keep signing your child's journal to indicate that you have read with your child.
Many thanks.

Please bring PE kits into school on Monday, we will send them home on Friday.

Many thanks for your support
Mr Askew, Mr Kerray, Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Baker.