27 Feb 2015

Year FS1 Week 9 2015

Welcome back after the half term holidays. The children really enjoyed their visit to the medical centre this week and have been busy bandaging, using their stethoscopes, giving injections and making us feel better with lots of TLC. Next week we will continue with this topic, looking at x-rays and making x-ray pictures. We will also be looking at our bodies, healthy eating and how to keep healthy and fit.

Request for junk modelling boxes.
We need lots of small boxes and packets, rather than corn flakes type boxes which tend to be too big to make their models. Thank you.

Don’t forget there is “Book at Bedtime” again on Friday 13th March at 6 p.m. Send in your completed form if you wish to join us.

Snack next week: baguettes, ham & cheese, digestive biscuits & Philli, hotdogs, savoury kebabs & wraps.

Dates for your calendar:
The end of spring term is Friday 27th March. Please note that FS1 will finish at 12.00 and that there will be no E.D.C. on Friday 27th March. The main school will finish at around 13.00. The summer term starts at 8.45 a.m. on Monday 13th April.

Thank you for your support,
The FS1 Team