6 Mar 2015

Year 1 Week 10 2015

In Literacy this week, we have practised retelling the fairy tale of “The Frog Prince”, using a story map and actions. The children have used descriptive words and phrases to describe the setting of the story. We have also innovated/changed the setting, by altering the pond. Your child will be able to tell you how they innovated the setting.

In Mathematics the children had great fun sharing food equally into halves and quarters for a tea party with “the frog”. Unfortunately, the frog was too scared to come into the classroom, but he did sneakily eat some food before he went back to his pond! The children have also been identifying odd and even numbers, as well as recognising a 2’s count as even numbers.

Forest Schools
Thank you to all parents/carers for providing appropriate waterproof footwear and clothing for Forest Schools on Tuesday. Please ensure your child also brings gloves, so that their hands stay warm all afternoon.

Thank you for your continued support.
The Year One Team