6 Mar 2015

Year 4 Week 10 2015

Performing and recording the class poem
Year 4 immersed themselves in poetry this week as part of our celebration of World Book Day; the children explored and experimented with the power of words by both reading a wide range of poetry and writing their own. In one of our lessons this week, the children all collaborated and wrote one line for a poem about wishes which they then went on to perform as a class. We were really impressed with the children’s writing and how well they worked together, supporting each other to achieve fantastic results and an excellent poem. Well done!

The children have been developing their problem solving skills in Maths this week by tackling a variety of different challenge questions. It was very pleasing to see how the children were able to articulate their thought processes as they worked through the questions.

English – The children should write a shape poem on a subject of their choice, for example chocolate. Instructions on how to write a shape poem and some examples are in their homework folder. This homework should be handed in on Monday 9th March.
Reading – Please listen to your child read at least 5 times a week and record any reading that they do in their journals.
Music – The children should continue to practise the piece of music they have been working on in this week’s guitar lesson for next week.

Thank you for your continued support.
Have a great weekend!

Mrs Pond-Barrett and Mrs Scannell
Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Porter