6 Mar 2015

Year FS2 Week 10 2015

What a busy week!
The children have had a fun packed week learning about Chinese customs and beliefs, as well as learning how to make their own Chinese stir-fry! The children prepared the ingredients and stir-fried them in a wok! They all had a try at using chopsticks to eat the stir-fry and also some Chinese noodles – some of the children were quite the experts!

Stir frying
Next week we are going to be learning about instructions and how to make our own set of instructions for a recipe. We will also be learning about the custom of Mothers’ Day and how it is celebrated traditionally.

Just a reminder that Friday 13th March is the new date for our “Mother’s Day Tea Party” Stay and Play session in FS2 at 10.30-11.30am.

Please note that Monday afternoon is when the children usually have a PE session in school. Please can we ask that you ensure your child has a PE kit in school - PE shorts, tee shirt and pumps/trainers - as it has been noted that there are some children who aren't bringing theirs into school. Unfortunately we only have a very limited spare supply and not enough to go round.

Have a lovely weekend
Best wishes from the FS2 team