22 May 2015

Year 1 week 20 2015

Interviewing Frau Lowe 
In Literacy we have continued to look at newspapers. On Monday we turned back into news reporters and went around the school interviewing people. The children thought of lots of great questions to ask. We then had a look at how we write what was spoken using speech marks and ‘said’ words. The children finally put all their hard work together on Wednesday and have written some great newspaper reports in their ‘hot’ write- well done year 1 for all your hard work.

In Mathematics the children have been finding halves of numbers to 20. We found that you couldn't evenly halve odd numbers! We have also had a re look at money this week. We looked at the value of coins and 5/10 pound notes. The children established that our copper coins are worth the least and our golden coins are worth the most.

Science In science this week the children have looked at different parts of a plant. It was lovely to see that we obviously have some keen gardeners as the children were able to label the roots, stem leaves and flower of different plants and say what they did.

PE Tennis season is upon us and the children have been practising their racket skills- I think we have a few potential Andy Murray's amongst us in year one. It was lovely to see the children working well with one another and coaching each other!

Final Note- Have a lovely and relaxing break, the children have worked incredibly hard this half term and definitely deserve it.

We look forward to seeing you all after the break for the final term!
Thank you for your continued support, 
The Year One Team