1 May 2015

Year 2 Week 17 2015

In literacy this week the children have continued to learn about how to write a non – chronological report. They have been practising how to use connectives like when, if, although, before, as well as, and after to open sentences.

In numeracy Mrs Halstead's group have been learning to complete sequences using the same numbers. E.G. 16 + 4 = 20  4+ 16 = 20
                        20 – 4 = 16  20 – 16 = 4
Miss Mead's group have been exploring word problems involving adding and subtracting two two digit numbers. For homework this week we have given the children a number bonds maths game to play and add to their folders.

During topic sessions the children have been finding out about extreme weather and the kind of effect it can have on people, building and the landscape.

Please could we ask that all the children have appropriate Forest School clothing and footwear in school every Wednesday? As the weather gets warmer they will need sun cream and a sun hat as well.

Thank you for your continued support,
Miss Mead, Mrs Halstead and The Year Two Team.