22 May 2015

Year 3 Week 20 2015

We are continuing to read as many Greek myths and legends as possible.
We have been looking at the Japanese art of Haiku poetry. The children had great fun reading the messages on the love heart sweets and composing new ideas for love Haiku’s using Theseus and the Minotaur for inspiration.

Mr. Kerray’s mathematics group this week have been investigating multiples of three and using strategies to help him recall the multiple of three number facts.

Mr. Askew’s group have been making their own fraction posters and created pictograms from given data.

In R.E. the children have looked at a Muslim story: the origins of the Muslim call to prayer. We discussed and followed the story of Bilal.

In Computing we finished our e-mail from Ariadne and discussed the benefits of electronic mail. (Don’t forget your child has log ins for educational sites in the front of their journal.)

Mr Fidler have finished and decorated their clay coil pots. They also have had a go at ‘scrafito!’ that reflect the influence pottery had.
Mr Reeves continues teaching the children skills for mastering the art of playing the ukulele!
Swimming is back to normal this week.

Please remember a daily reading session of about 10 minutes will really help your child’s progress. Also a few questions about what they have read will help aid comprehension.
Please bring in P.E kits on Monday – these will be sent home on Fridays.

Many Thanks for your continued support!
Mr. Askew, Mr. Kerray, Mrs. Jefferys and Mrs. Baker.