1 May 2015

Year 4 Week 17 2015

Puzzling perimeters
In Maths this week, the children have worked hard to measure and calculate the perimeters of rectilinear shapes.  Some children were able to solve problems by finding missing lengths of complex rectilinear shapes before calculating the perimeter. We also spent some time revising line symmetry in shapes and sort shapes according to their properties, including the number of right angles, perpendicular and parallel lines and how many lines of symmetry.

Talk 4 Writing in action!
In Literacy, we have used the ‘Talk 4 Writing’ routine to read and recite a non-chronological report about Bielefeld School. The children have started to recognise the features and structure of a non-chronological report and have explored the language features used.

In our Topic session, the children found out about Tudor monarchs. The children were fascinated to find out who they were and when they reigned and other facts about them. We then found out about Henry VIII, his 6 wives, the reasons why he had 6 wives and what became of each of his wives! The children have then created some Tudor self-portraits!

Topic - The children have a short piece of Topic homework this week.  The children have a fact file to complete about Henry VIII. – A list of useful (child friendly) websites are attached to the fact file sheet.
Maths – The children have been allocated a game on www.activelearnprimary.co.uk to complete called ‘Marching Madness’. They need to find the perimeter of shapes by adding the side lengths in centimetres.
Please encourage your child to play and complete the game by Thursday 7th May.
Reading – Please continue to listen to your child read at least 5 times a week.  Please make sure any reading that is completed is recorded in the journal.
Spellings - Your child will bring home a new set of spelling words to learn on Monday. - Please ensure that your child returns their yellow spelling folder on a Friday.
Music – Daily guitar practice for 10-15 minutes – (The children can team up with their friends that live nearby to do this and take on different parts of the music!)

Thank you for your continued support. 
Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Pond-Barrett
Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Porter