8 May 2015

Year 6 week 18 2015

We would like to say how extremely proud we are of all of  the children in Year Six. They have worked liked Trojans over the past few weeks, consolidating what they have learnt and preparing themselves for what next week brings. We have every confidence that every child will do their best work and remind them that they all started the year with their own personal starting point and have made fantastic progress, of which they should be proud.

Bring it on!
We are encouraging children to relax and enjoy family time and fresh air this weekend. They have done all of the hard work that they need. Quality time, a good book and some cuddles is the recommended homework this week! We have sent home plenty of materials over the past weeks, should the children wish to spend time putting their minds at ease.

We will be providing breakfast for children when they arrive at school next week. We have talked with the children about what they would like to have. If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Just a reminder that there will be a presentation on Tuesday 19th May at 10am for parents with children who will be going to Kings School. This will take place in the Y6 classroom.

We hope that you have a relaxing weekend.

Mrs Hood, Miss Kinsey and Miss Graham
Mrs Goddard, Mrs Grant and Mrs Creighton