8 May 2015

Year FS1 week 18 2015

We've had a mixed bag of weather this week, and surprisingly it hasn't snowed… yet! Thank you to all the parents who joined our “Planting day” Stay and Play session today. Now we need lots of sun and rain to get our beautiful plants growing.

Our beans are now growing slowly and steadily and we are watching to see whose bean is the fastest. We have also been reading different versions of “Jack and the Beanstalk” and looking at the differences in the stories. We have enjoyed sequencing the events in the book “Jasper’s beanstalk” and we know exactly how Jasper felt when he thought his bean would NEVER grow…but it did!
We have all been painting and making leaves for our giant beanstalk and have had our photographs taken “pretending to climb” so that our photos can be added to the beanstalk. We talked about what we would do if we arrived at the castle of the giant!!!

Snack next week: Rice cakes & Philli, cereals, pittas & tuna mayo, cheese & crackers and flapjacks.

Dates for your calendar:
Just two weeks until we break up for half term on Friday 22nd May and we return to school on Monday 1st June. Please note that the school will be closed for an INSET day on Friday 26th June. For more information, please see the school website www.bielefeldschool.com

Thank you for your support,
The FS1 Team.