15 May 2015

Year FS2 Week 19 2015

We have had yet another busy week in FS2!  We have been learning how to measure using lots of different things, not just by using a ruler or a tape measure but also finding out how tall or long or wide objects are by using cubes, their feet and anything else they could find!

Some of the children have been enjoying making their own shows in our outside area which they have chosen to do as one of their jobs in our Plan Do and Review sessions. The shows have been very ‘interesting’ and it has been great to see them using their developing mathematical and writing skills to produce programmes and tickets to purchase! Some of the children have enjoyed choosing the building area outside as one of their Plan Do and Review jobs and it has been great to see them applying their designing and measuring skills in action!

Just a reminder to let you know that our Superhero themed ‘Stay and Play’ session will be happening on Thursday 21st May, starting at 10.30 until 11.30; this will be a non-uniform day for FS2 and children are to wear their superhero costumes or a simple accessory such as a mask – looking forward to seeing you there!

Well done to those children who have been busy learning their tricky words at home, Remember when  you feel your child is confident at reading them and/or writing them, please let us know by writing in their journal and we can pass on the next set to practise and learn.

Have a lovely weekend!  
Best wishes from the FS2 team