5 Jun 2015

Year 1 Week 21 2015

In Literacy we have started to look at the story of the Bog Baby. The children have been focusing on writing a character and setting description. In their descriptions the children have looked at including wow words and similes. It was pleasing to see the children coming up with lots of great descriptive language.

In Mathematics the children have been ordering and comparing two digit numbers by looking at the place value of a number. The children had to look to see which number had the most tens and then if it had the same amount of tens they had to see which one had the most ones. We have also been working on finding numbers between two 2 –digit numbers.  

Forest Schools
Looking for Bog Babies!
We found a Bog Baby!
Earlier on in the week we found a very confused looking Mrs Carroll. She explained to year one that she had found a creature up at the Forest School site which she hadn't seen before. Mrs Carroll described the creature and said that it was round, blue, no bigger than a frog, had ears like a mouse and was as soft as jelly. She kindly asked the children if they could help her identify what it was. Ask your child what we found at forest schools!

Final Note- On the week of the 15th of June the Y1 children will be sitting a phonics test. We have been working really hard on making sure we sound out each word just to make sure it isn't tricking us, especially with those nonsense words! Please continue to go through the words sent home with your child.

Thank you for your continued support, 
The Year One Team.