26 Jun 2015

Year 1 Week 24 2015

In Literacy we have started to look at how to write a letter. We discussed the different types of letters that you could send e.g. a postcard, party invitation etc. The children then had a go at ‘showing us what they already know’. Over the next few weeks we will be writing different styles of letters as we link our learning into the story ‘The Jolly Postman’.

In Mathematics the children created block graphs. The children measured different sized books using cubes then recorded their results onto a block graph. The children were able to tell which the biggest book was by finding the biggest block on their graph. We have also had a look at repeating patters this week by using different 2D shapes. The children had a go at creating their own.

The children thought about what they would take with them if they were going on a seaside holiday. The children came up with lots of ideas but the most important things to have are a bucket and spade.
Sports Day

Great Concentration !
We would like to say well done to all of the children for taking part in Sports Day. It was lovely to see everyone being good sportsmen and women by cheering on not only their team but others as well. They are all winners in our eyes, well done Year 1!

Future Usain Bolts?

Final Note
We hope you all have a lovely, long weekend (hopefully the sun will make an appearance again!)  
The Year One Tea