26 Jun 2015

Year 3 Week 24 2015

This week in English we have started to write our innovated versions of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. The children also performed their introductory speeches in the ‘boxing ring’. They did so well I think they may be future TV presenters!

Mr. Kerray’s mathematics group this week have looked at addition and subtraction of 3 digit numbers.
Mr. Askew’s group have used the grid method for multiplication.

In RE the children looked at the story of Ganesh and it’s influence on Hindus.
In Computing we took part in an Accelerated Reader assessment.
In art the children finished their Greek solider sculptures – they look  magnificent!
In music Mr Reeves developed the children’s chords on their ukuleles and was so impressed he made a recording of us playing a composition!
The children were also impressive when SAFFA came in to teach us life – saving skills!
The children enjoyed sports day and really entered  into the spirit of the event!

Homework: ukulele practice and mathletics.
Please remember a daily reading session of about 10 minutes will really help your child’s progress. Also a few questions about what they have read will help aid comprehension.
Please bring in P.E kits on Monday - these will be sent home on Fridays.

Many Thanks for your continued support!
Mr Askew, Mr Kerray, Mrs Jefferys and Mrs Baker.