5 Jun 2015

Year 4 Week 21 2015

Story time - Forest Schools style!
Welcome back! - We hope that your half-term break was relaxing and that the children are ready for the final and busy half-term of the school year!  -  Thank you to all parents who attended the Forest Schools event.  It was lovely to see so many of you!

In Literacy this week, we have been revising different types of punctuation and grammar and the correct uses of these in our writing.  This is something we often forget to use when we’re concentrating on using adjectives, adverbs, adventurous vocabulary and so much more!  We’ll be completing a spelling, punctuation and grammar assessment next week following our revision.

Mrs Pond-Barrett’s Maths group have been developing and using effective mental multiplication strategies in Maths. Multiplying 2-digit numbers or 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers using jottings where necessary and have used mental strategies to multiply by 4, 5 or 8. We have also continued to develop our ability to use a written method to multiply 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers and have multiplied amounts of money (e.g. £4·36) by single-digit numbers.
Mrs Graham’s group have been looking at doubling and halving this week as well partitioning numbers and revising the column method for addition.

Suffering from disgusting diseases from Tudor times
Disgusting diseases and illnesses have been the choice of conversation during our Topic sessions this week! We explored the symptoms of some of types of diseases from Tudor times and used a bit of drama to ‘show’ these symptoms! The children have also begun to find out how illnesses were treated in Tudor times. We have then each created a page for ‘Tudor Health Weekly’ magazine informing people in Tudor times how to cure their ailments! Linking with our topic, Mrs Hood has joined us on a Monday afternoon to teach us Shakespeare! – The children worked hard during our first drama session and worked on the prologue to Romeo and Juliet. –
PLEASE NOTE… In order to maximise the time we have for drama on a Monday, it is necessary to change the day that we send spellings home to a Tuesday. Children will continue to be tested on these words on a Friday. Rest assured that during the course of the school week, the children will work on their list of spelling words, along with other spelling related activities, at least 4 times along with their daily practice at home.

Our PE sessions this week have focussed on athletics and in particular sprinting in preparation for Sports Day in a few weeks’ time. The children were developing and demonstrating quick reactions and rapid acceleration and practised accelerating from a variety of static starting positions.

Maths – Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have some multiplication questions to complete involving money.
Miss Graham’s group have 3 x 5min maths challenge sheets to complete (instructions have accompanied the sheets)
Spellings - Your child will bring home a new set of spelling words to learn on Tuesday. - Please ensure that your child returns their yellow spelling folder on a Friday.
Music – Daily guitar practice for 10-15 minutes please!

Thank you for your continued support.  Have a lovely sunshiny weekend!

Mrs Pond-Barrett
Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Porter