12 Jun 2015

Year 4 Week 22 2015

About to tuck in to a delicious bowl of POTTAGE!
What an amazing day we had on Wednesday during our Tudor day! Thank you for helping the children to look so brilliant in their costumes. The children worked enthusiastically and whole-heartedly with all the activities that were planned. Ingredients were vigorously mixed to create a herbal remedy for stomach aches.
Making soap balls for the rich
 Soap flakes were squished and squashed to make soap balls for the rich. A Tudor Rose was beautifully hand cross-stitched onto aida and then attached to scent bags. These were filled with lavender to ward off disease and mask the horrible smells in the Tudor streets and miniature thrones were crafted that were fit for

Mixing, crushing, squishing and squashing -
 Creating the perfect herbal remedy for a stomach ache!
Henry VIII or Elizabeth I. Mr Fidler helped the children to create a Tudor stump doll and dress it to create a ‘mini-me’ of themselves wearing their outfit of the day. During our Topic session on Thursday we did a spot of Tudor dancing followed by a banquet! There was a mixed menu of food to show the difference between what the rich and poor ate, starting with a delicious bowl of pottage! This was followed by a second course of meat and then a course of bread and cheese.
It was such a delight to see the children so engrossed in the activities and there was a real buzz about the whole day!

This week, Mrs Pond-Barrett’s Maths group have been looking at how division ‘undoes’ multiplication and vice versa. We have also found out where our number system came from and used Roman numerals to make a snakes and ladders game. The children have also been learning how to calculate the area of rectangles and simple compound shapes.
Mrs Graham’s group have completed some arithmetic assessments this week and have also worked on our times tables and number bonds.

The children have begun to learn a new piece of music on the guitar called, ‘The Streets of London’ by Ralph McTell. The children work really hard during their music sessions and it’s clear to see that most of the children are spending a good amount of time during the week practising the tunes they have been learning.

Maths – Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have Bingo to play on www.activelearnprimary.co.uk The children need to calculate the areas of squares, rectangles and simple compound shapes.
Miss Graham’s group have to complete 3 more maths challenge sheets. (Well done to those children who have already moved to level B!)
Spellings - Your child will bring home a new set of spelling words to learn on Tuesday. - Please ensure that your child returns their yellow spelling folder on a Friday.
Music – ‘The Streets of London’ by Ralph McTell - Daily guitar practice for 10-15 minutes please!

Thank you for your continued support.  Have a wonderful fun-filled weekend!
Mrs Pond-Barrett
Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Porter