26 Jun 2015

Year 4 Week 24 2015

Enjoying a good poem
WOW! - What a super afternoon we had yesterday with our Sports Day.  The results for the Y4 teams were very close!  The children participated with such enthusiasm and determination, it was lovely to see.    What was even better to witness was the great sportsmanship between the different teams, with lots of ‘well dones’, ‘great efforts’ and hand shaking going on.  What a heart-warming pleasure to see.

Our Literacy work this week has focussed on poetry, in particular kennings.  We have written class kennings about Henry VIII and a hamster(!) and the children have then written their own kenning about a subject of their choice.

In Maths, Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have continued with their work on 3D shapes, exploring the 2D shapes that make up the faces of 3D shapes and have used nets to make dodecahedrons and octahedrons.
Miss Graham’s group have recapped complements of 100 and thought about when to use a jottings strategy and when to use mental recall to help with this. The children are also continuing to do well on their 'Maths Challenges' - keep up the good work!

In Topic, we have explored laws and crime during Tudor times and the terrible punishments given for committing such crimes.  The children have thought of news laws  and have also given Tudor-style punishments to modern day laws!

Topic - The children have a mini project about William Shakespeare to work on. - Date for completion is Monday 29th June.
Maths - Miss Graham’s group have some Maths challenge sheets to complete.
Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have some homework to complete about writing lengths in both metres, and also in metres and centimetres.
Please ensure homework is completed and returned to school no later than Thursday 2nd July.
Spellings - Your child will bring home a new set of spelling words to learn on Tuesday. - Please ensure that your child returns their yellow spelling folder on a Friday.
Music – Please practice the piece of music sent home this week, as well as ‘The Streets of London’ - Daily guitar practice for 10-15 minutes please!

Thank you for your continued support.  Have a lovely 3-day weekend!
Mrs Pond-Barrett
Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Porter