5 Jun 2015

Year 5 Week 21 2015

Writing a senses poem
Writing a senses poem

It was fantastic to see so many parents for the Forest School Day on Thursday; the children wrote some super senses poems and found interesting objects to make their bookmark with.

Writing a senses poem
Writing a senses poem

In English, we have started our new unit of work on non-fiction writing, looking at instructions. We evaluated instructions for board games, looking for the common features that make instructions effective.

The children also designed and wrote the instructions for their own playground game, with the aim that other children could play the game using the instructions.

In maths, Mrs Scannell’s group have continued previous work on reflecting polygons and have started work on accurately constructing shapes using a ruler and a protractor. Mrs Hood’s group have continued to explore  time, including 12 and 24 hour digital and analogue conversions as well as working out time differences within an hour.

Unless otherwise stated, all homework should be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday.

English: The children should describe and design their own creature on the sheet provided. They will go on to write a set of instructions detailing how to trap this creature in future English lessons.

Maths: Both groups should complete the challenges set in their homework books.

Spelling: The spelling list was sent home on Tuesday after the spelling lesson. Spelling homework should be completed and returned on Monday.

Reading: The children should continue to read at least 5 times a week and record this in their journal. We encourage the children to read a wide range of texts, including non-fiction and fiction books. Two smile points will be awarded each week for children who read 5 or more times a week and record it in their journal.

Thank you for your continued support.
Have a great weekend!

Mrs Scannell, Miss Graham and Mrs Hood
Mrs Grant and Mrs Porter