19 Jun 2015

Year 5 Week 23 2015

We are very proud of all the children who received their certificates this week at The Children’s University ceremony; this was the culmination of many hours spent learning outside of school, participating in clubs and other activities – well done.

In English, the children impressed us with their performance of the text map (last week’s homework) on Monday, with many earning 5 smile points for memorising the instructions so well that they did it without looking at the text map!  This week we studied the structure of text in more detail, ‘boxing up’ the instructions to provide us with a ‘tool kit’ to support our understanding of the layout of instruction texts.  We also revised imperative (bossy) verbs and realised that it is almost impossible to instruct anybody to do anything without using them!

In maths, Mrs Scannell’s group have focused on multiplying 3 or 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers and have also practised their mental maths skills.  Mrs Hood’s group have been problem solving this week, exploring questions involving multiplication, measurement and fractions.

In art, the children have been developing their skills in printing during the course of the last few lessons, this week using a reductive printing method using three print colours (see below for some excellent examples.)
Reductive printing using three colours
Reductive printing using three colours
Unless otherwise stated, all homework should be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday.

English The children should read the First News article and complete the associated questions.

Maths Both groups should complete the challenges set in their homework books.  

Spelling The spelling list was sent home on Tuesday after the spelling lesson.  Spelling homework should be completed and returned on Monday.

Reading The children should continue to read at least 5 times a week and record this in their journal. We encourage the children to read a wide range of texts, including non-fiction and fiction books.  Two smile points will be awarded each week for children who read 5 or more times a week and record it in their journal.

Thank you for your continued support.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs Scannell, Miss Graham and Mrs Hood
Mrs Grant and Mrs Porter