5 Jun 2015

Year 6 Week 21 2015

This week has been an action packed first week back! It was lovely to see the children well rested and returning to school ready to embrace the challenges of their final half term of primary school.

In English this week, Miss Kinsey’s group have been using a range of reading strategies to develop their knowledge and understanding of the characters and plot of ‘Stig of the Dump’ in readiness for writing their review. Using the Guardian wesite: www.theguardian.com/children-books-site children have appraised reviews by other children and used them to help formulate a criteria for writing their own review.

Mrs Hood’s English group have been analysing explanation texts in order to recognise the key features used. The children have read a range of explanation texts and discussed which texts they prefer with justification. We have also starting reading our class novel ‘Holes’ and have begun to make predictions about what might happen.

Miss Kinsey’s Maths group are continuing with their spirals work. This week they have moved from Archimedean spirals using knowledge of circles and angles, to creating Baravelle spirals using squares and triangles and finding patterns in the area of the shapes that they are making.

Mrs Hood’s Maths class have continued to explore time, including 24-hour digital clocks and converting between analogue and digital time. The children have also been revisiting number lines, as they use them as a strategy to work out time intervals.

Thank you for making the Forest School Open Day such a great success. The children really enjoyed the day and there will be many pictures of our outside learning to follow.

Wishing you all a restful weekend.

Miss Kinsey, Mrs Hood & Mrs Goddard.