12 Jun 2015

Year 6 Week 22 2015

Pupils and staff had a great day at King’s School on Monday, where hopefully all of their worries about starting high school faded away! Accompanied by Y7 pupils, who previously attended Bielefeld School, the children worked in teams to navigate the many blocks of the school. In addition to this, they completed a passport in readiness for meeting their new tutor. A great time was had by all!

The Y6 children came together in Music this week to create a Y6 orchestra. It was fantastic to hear all of the instruments together playing Pachabel’s Canon.            
Mr. Reeves and Mr. Betley strongly encouraged the children to take advantage of the instrument loan and the musical tuition that they have in school and to practise 5 minutes a day at home in order to develop.

In English this week the children have been learning the explanation text, ‘Why are dragons extinct?’. The children have pretty much learnt this text orally now, however a little bit of practise over the weekend would be great in order to keep this text fresh in their minds ready to innovate next week.

In Maths the children have been creating their own train timetables to use when writing and solving word problems. This process enabled the children to use skills such as: working out time intervals, reading timetables and analysing word problems in order to solve them. The staff would certainly like to go on some of the imaginary trains, especially those that take 30 minutes to get from New York to Paris!

Y6 English homework this weekend is to finish writing their text map which they started in class.

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Hood, Miss Kinsey and Mrs Goddard