19 Jun 2015

Year 6 Week 23 2015

Congratulations to all of the children who graduated at the Children’s University graduation on Tuesday this week. We are thrilled that so many children enjoy such varied hobbies and pastime in addition to their busy school lives.

Preparations for the Y6 Leavers’ BBQ are now well under way and you should all have received your invite from the children. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the things that have been made by the children.

In Miss Kinsey’s Maths group we have been investigating Fibonacci’s sequence that is often found in nature. We have used the numbers to generate shapes and accurately used compasses to make a spiral. We have also been halving numbers with huge strings of decimal values and calculators were encouraged to check the accuracy of answers!

Mrs Hood’s Maths group have been problem solving this week. Questions have covered a range of areas studied over the year, such as: multiplication, perimeter and area, fractions of amounts, converting measurements and place value knowledge.

In Miss Kinsey’s English class we have begun reading a new novel by Malorie Blackman ‘Pig Heart Boy’. The children have engaged with the issues presented in the book, showing empathy with the main character. We have continued to write our reviews of ‘Stig of the Dump.’
For those children who missed the final day of school, the BBC dramatization is available on YouTube for children to watch at home.

In Mrs Hood’s English class we have been innovating our model text, ‘Why are dinosaurs extinct?’ using our knowledge of typical features of an explanation text. In order to independently answer the question, ‘Why are pandas an endangered species?’ in order to show off our skills, we are required to conduct some research for next week.

There will be a very brief parents’ meeting for children taking part on the Hannover trip in the Y6 base on Thursday 25th June at 3.30pm. At the meeting we will explore the itinerary further and share the kitlist.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Kinsey, Mrs Hood and Mrs Goddard